Harvey affecting home sales in Houston area and surrounding rural areas

Well its official though if you asked any of us area Realtors in Waller, Harris, Fort Bend, Washington, Austin or Colorado counties we would of told you that Harvey has affected potential buyers and sellers alike in market.  Many would-be buyers are now dealing with the aftermath of Harvey with their primary residents and are not out looking to buy right now.  Their biggest concern is far greater with trying to come up with the funds to rebuild and then the bigger question of how is the disclosure of flooding going to affect their resell value?  

My heart goes out to all affected by this natural disaster and pray that potential buyers understand that for the majority of properties flooded, this was a once in a lifetime event!  But I do understand the fears of buyers looking at properties that have flooded with trepidation.

All said - hang in there buyers and sellers.  WE ARE HOUSTON STRONG REMEMBER!  Keep the faith and know that this will pass and over time sellers will be back on market and buyers will be less fearful and out looking again.

For now, Realtors must be patient and encourage their clients to keep moving forward and no matter what potential home buyers are still moving to our great state in large numbers!  And one natural disaster is NOT going to change that fact.

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